Allison is a rare find—a trainer who is attuned to what’s best for me and my body, not just in general, but that day and that session. She takes a holistic approach (recognizing a mind/body connection) and is well informed about best practices and new techniques, incorporating them into a personalized workout regimen (including exercises that I can practice on my own). On top of that, she’s fun—a delightful, lovely person whose spirit imbues every session, leaving me feeling good and better able to take on my daily challenges.


Allison Kimmel is a most skilled, creative and intuitive trainer. Her method incorporates being present in the work, awareness of breath and posture, the encouragement of good nutrition,  a thorough understanding of the body and the importance of stretching as a complement to the work. Our progression has been organic. Her warmth, intelligence, gentle encouragement and expertise help me to meet, maintain, and surpass my goals.  It is truly a pleasure to work with her.


Allison is Fantastic! I have been training for almost a year and with her help, have lost over ten pounds! She provides a positive environment and challenges me with every workout.  Training has made such a big difference for me and I am so glad that I made the investment.


Allison really helped me to increase my flexibility and reduce stress. Her attention to detail and personalized workout programs helped me to get results fast. I would definitely recommend her!

-  Vera