Luxury hotel partnerships


This partnership allows New York City’s most exclusive hotels, clubs and residences to offer fitness and wellness services of the highest caliber to their guests.

Catering to the needs of guests in this way demonstrates that you intend to take care of them in body and mind. It tells prospective guests that you offer an all inclusive experience equipped to improve and maintain their physical and mental health.

Increasingly, more and more people are taking their physical and mental health seriously. Services in this category have become expectations for guests and residents accustomed to luxury accommodations. 

Partnering with Allison Kimmel Fitness enables you to stay ahead of the curve and competitive with the newest initiatives of luxury residences and hotels

Our list of services will appeal to this demographic as well as those sampling a VIP wellness service of the highest level as a way to enhance their New York experience.

Allison Kimmel Fitness offers an easy to implement program to make these services available to your clients and guests.

Show your guests and residents that you care about their physical and mental well-being by partnering with Allison Kimmel Fitness.

The services we provide:

Personal training in the hotel/building gym

Yoga meditation and or stretch sessions either in the room or in the gym

Fee for a one hour session: 165.00

How it works:

  1. The hotel/building concierge contacts Allison Kimmel fitness with requests for training, yoga,etc
  2. One of our highly qualified trainers confirms the appt with the client. Payment can be arranged independently or through said entity.

We are able to accommodate only a few additional accounts this season so please get in touch as soon as possible to secure a spot on our roster.

This is an opportunity to bring a cutting edge program to your company that will set you apart and above all competitors.

We look forward to hearing from you!