Babes and Babies with Allison Kimmel





I believe that, for a new mom, physical wellness, and health are paramount when it comes to feeling mentally strong and present for their child, their partner, and themselves. Wimpy, easy workouts do a disservice to new moms by not building the strength they need to recover from their pregnancy quickly, carry infants or toddlers all day long and to feel strong, healthy and capable soon after they give birth. New moms have a highly physical job that requires strength and energy. They do not have time to waste on an ineffective workout when they could be taking care of themselves in other ways. 


Babes and Babies gets new moms back in shape fast while they engage in a fun and stimulating playtime with their baby.

Our format includes elements that address pelvic floor and cesaean section rehabilitation. Our functional movements are designed to burn calories, increase strength and energy as well as promote well being and a connection with your little one.


It is essential for new moms to sweat and to work hard, to feel the strength of their powerful bodies. We want these women to feel good in their skin, to feel sexy and confident with their partners and to have the strength and energy to go about the physical and mental task of caring for an infant.

When it comes to being a parent, every moment matters and efficiency is key. How great would it be to combine quality play time with your baby with a challenging workout for yourself?

This is why I have developed Babes and Babies.